by Matt Logan

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"a slice of nautical punk poetry set to cello and performed for a drunken Marie Antoinette's birthday party."


released February 20, 2014

written, performed, and produced by Matt Logan



all rights reserved


Matt Logan New York, New York

Multiple works for chamber groups and orchestra have been produced and performed. Singer-songwriter with rock and folk roots..

Today, it's about mashing together all these things into improbable hybrids.

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Track Name: Bare
The boardwalks have all flooded
boats thrown up on the shore
And soft candles mark the twilight
And our heart is burning still

In the city of darkness
In the city of gold
We all saw the floodtide coming
in our Harbor and our bays

We took a train through the Lowlands
canals scarring the fields
Old Amsterdam came a'calling
and took us in the night

The wandering starlette
addict to her dreams
gone by the morning
married to the sun

She loves the 3-minute lovesong

emerging from the foam
carrying her sorrow

All will be forgiven!
All will be forgiven!
Track Name: Carbon
Smoke released to sky
ashes in the rain
Years of all creation
floated on wasted nights

Lapping up the evening
standing on the shore
We're all dust upon the water
puddles and the lakes

We'll all align our carbon
We'll all alight the sky
Lapping up the evening
standing on the shore.
Track Name: Death of Time
Over in the corner -
ragged men hulk over their chess

Over in the middle -
children begin their summer

And underneath -
old German feet

Stamp in silence

Awaiting the death of time.
Track Name: Liquid Crown
Curses upon curses
Black juice pumping
black juice pumping

Playing on the head
thorny crown leaking

Tongue upon the mouth
Lips upon the tongue

Streaming under eyelids
Washing vision, acid
Blackening the teeth
Your liquid crown
Your liquid crown

Coating the throat down
to the chords

Your voice emerges

Poison perched upon your tongue
You seek the victim of your scorn

Mercy is denied!

Drown in my words.
Track Name: Castaway Raft
Horizon bound
Castaway raft
Fleeting currents
Left for dead

Fading out
sun and salt
Along the line
where all time ends

And no, we won't, we won't forget
the very last time that we saw land

Sending up paper lanterns
Floating to the night
We sink down into
our deepest nature
Track Name: Ghosts of Lower Manhattan
A year of weighted living
A ghost behind closed doors
The spirits downtown rising
Ireland and Africa,

I feel them rising

The towers and the headstones
Millions of tales untold
Centuries growing bolder
Steel and earth are so cold

I feel them rising
Track Name: Martyrdom
Shedding off the bad dreams for awile
Here we go, we're kicking back in style
Lift your angry vale
There are better ways to shed those tears

Find a place where we can stop awhile
Where the day can't find us
Oh the sky pours down
Oh the sky pours down

It's not martyrdom that cures the bleeding heart
when you're feeling frail